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Hey, I’m Kayla!


I’m your go to 360 photographer and experience creator. 


I’m all about hooking your future clients by creating a taste of the full experience. 

Im a solo-preneur. I do all the work myself, which means you get my full attention every step of the way. I'm a drone pilot and travel video editor, which allows me to add on any content you need alongside a 360 tour. 

I love anything travel related, and am especially interested in working with businesses in the tourism sector. 


I graduated with a Honours Degree in Communications and Media Studies, and have worked in related fields since. I've worked with a travel guide author as well as a researcher for a travel safety company. I've been involved managing ad campaigns for a publishing company, and have done a mix of jobs along the way. One might say I'm a bit of a jack of all trades.

You’ll work with me from start to finish (but I'll be honest, there’s little work you’ll need to do).

Let's get a 360 tour done for you.


The Full Story


Ready to work together?

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